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265 Graphic Organizers that Builds Comprehension

Graphic Organizers is a great way to keep track of students learning throughout the year. The Reading binders can be organized and customized by dividers with colored tabs into sections matching the comprehension strategies that you teach.

Using graphic organizers in your classroom will allow your students to respond to their independent reading and will serve several purposes in your classroom:

First, it offers a window into how they are thinking, processing, and comprehending while they are reading. By reading their written response, you can quickly tell if a student has a full understanding of the text or the comprehension strategy being taught. This will allow you to formulate your guided reading and strategy groups based on what students have learned from their written responses.

Second, the graphic organizers act as formative assessments for State Standards for Reading Literature and Informational
Text. Using their responses as an assessment tool allows you to differentiate your instruction and maximize success for readers at all levels.

Finally, you will discover that your students will stay more focused on their reading if they know they will be responsible for writing about it afterward. The longer they are focused, the more practice they’re getting, which is the ultimate goal for their independent reading time.


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Interactive Reading Comprehension iNotebook

(2nd -5th Grade)

Interactive Reading iNotebook - Part 1
Interactive Reading iNotebook - Part 

What is a Reading Response i-Notebook?

Reading Response i-Notebooks requires your students to write about their understanding of reading concept and strategies., what they felt while reading a book or listening to a story.

What is its purpose?

Reading Response i-Notebook records student feelings, responses, and reactions to reading texts. This strategy encourages students to think deeply about the materials they read and to relate this information to their prior knowledge and experiences. This interaction between reader and text extends the reading experience into the "real life" application of information. 

Reading Response i-Notebook allows students to reflect on and raise questions about a text. This notebook will be especially valuable for promoting opinion making, value judgments, and critical thinking. Here are a few examples below: 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amazing Lines, Line Segments and Rays!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Writer's Workshop and More!

In the Writer's Workshop classroom, students will write daily.  The workshop begins with  a mini-lesson that usually involves a focus theme book, writings by myself or other students as a model and guide for writing behaviors.  Afterwards, students are given "task/skill" to work on while they write independently in their Writer's Notebook. While students are working in their notebooks they brainstorm and choose the specific topic to write about.  Students are encouraged  to included what has been discussed during the mini-lesson (like dialogue and quotations marks). While students are writing, the teacher walks around the room and informally conference with each student.  Afterwards, the teacher records specific information from each conference on a clipboard and move to the next student for individual conference time.  I usually only conference for about 2-5 minutes with each child.  Then students are given have a short time for sharing.  Checkout these cool editing cards for Writer's Workshop.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Classroom Essentials - Back to School 101

The Classic School Design!
This is time of the year that are minds are thinking, planning and looking forward to the new school year. If you thinking about classroom ideas, below is a great kit that I have created to take the guesswork out of organizing your classroom. This kit includes essential items you will need to set-up your classroom. This will save you time and money!

Amazing Classroom Essentials - Classic Design

Everything you will need to set-up your classroom this school year is in this packet. This packet is overloaded with over 470 classroom essentials! From Bulletin Board Letters to Pocket Chart Cards. The sleek and classic design with a polkadot backdrop and apple red trim will simplify your life and allow you to customize the pieces you need from year to year. This packet will definitely save you time and money! The Classic Design pieces can be printed in black & white and in full color. Print on cardstock paper and laminate for longer durability.

This packet includes the following items:
Bulletin Board Letters
26 Uppercase Letters
26 Lowercase Letters
Numbers 0 to 9
15 Punctuation Marks & Symbols
Name Plates and Labels
Welcome Back - Pennant Banner
Word Wall Alphabet Labels
(Letters A to Z) 
Word Wall – 220 Dolch Sight Words
Binder Cover Designs
Classroom Essential Labels
Student Labels/Locker Tags
Binder Spines & Pocket Chart Labels


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom management is the most important aspect of a teacher's daily routine. Without a clear behavior management system, students are left unsure of what their limitations are.  A structured classroom  and clear management system enables teachers to create an environment where their students are safe and learning is more likely to occur. Well-enforced rules lead to a predictable classroom expectations, reduce disruptions and encourage students to use self-control and make good choices.
Make-up work - Made EASY!  - via
This board allows you to know where your students are during the day. via

Friday, October 26, 2012

FREE Literary Reports!


French Fries - Synonyms - I'm Loving It!

Synonyms Fries is a great recipe for Writer's Workshop!

I think that this is the coolest idea - ever. I love anything interactive that allows students to work with vocabulary!
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